National centres of musical creation

As part of its support to artistic and intellectual works, the Minister of Culture, along with regional and local authorities, provides funding for the centres and studios of musical creation, most of which arose in the 1980’s.
The state label “National centre of musical creation” was founded in 1996. It confirmed the existence and durability of workplaces for composers, new works productions, research and raising public awareness to contemporary music.
In 2014, six organisations are granted the label National centre of musical creation.
The National centre of musical creation’s main task is to enable new music works’ realisation. They welcome composers, performers and artists of all kinds in a high quality environment and provide them with all technical need and assistance their projects require.
National centres of musical creation are also engaged in basic and applied research with an aim at knowledge development, experimentation, development and adaptation of new tools and process of musical creation.
In order to support the dissemination of creative works, the national centres organise or co-organise public events throughout a cultural season: concerts, cross-disciplinary performances and sound installations. It also can be done within a festival. The pursuit of partnerships, in order to set up tours, in the form of co-productions and by selling concerts and performances to concert-halls and theatres on a regional, national and international scale, also promotes the circulation of works.
National centres also have to raise awareness, teach and deliver educational support, working together with specialised music schools and government schools. Besides, they dedicate themselves to preserve and enhance works produced in their studios.
Supplied with all the fitted equipment for music-making and research, with recording and mixing studios, and even with a rehearsal space for some, National centres of musical creation play a leading role on the national level regarding commissions and residencies.

Césaré, CNCM de Reims
27, rue Ferdinand Hamelin
51450 Bétheny
+33 3 26 88 65 74

CIRM, CNCM de Nice
33, avenue Jean Médecin
06000 Nice
+33 4 93 88 74 68

4, rue Sainte Claire
81000 Albi
+33 5 63 54 51 75

GMEM, CNCM de Marseille
15, rue de Cassis
13008 Marseille
+33 4 96 20 60 10

11, Cours de Verdun
69002 Lyon
+33 4 72 07 37 00

La Muse en Circuit
18, rue Marcelin Berthelot
94140 Alfortville
+33 1 43 78 80 80