Following Wilfried Wendling’s nomination to head La Muse en Circuit, the Prometeo Company was integrated in residence into La Muse en Circuit.
Wilfried Wendling wished to integrate his projects into La Muse en Circuit while preserving the artistic margin, which means keeping specific financing. Thus, La Muse en Circuit shall be the executive producer of Wilfried Wending’s project and Prometeo the co-coproducer.

© Jean Daubas

_1 coup de Dés / A Throw of the Dice
Legendary Stéphane Mallarmé’s poem is the starting point of A Throw of the Dice. Jean-François Pauvros, Denis Lavant and Wilfried Wendling improvise together a very singular performance that takes Mallarmé’s text out of a strictly intellectual vision to give it back its experimental impetus.

_La langue d’Einstein et le chat de Schrödinger (Titre provisoire) / Einstein’s tongue and Schrödinger’s cat (Provisory title)
Having been playing together for more than 15 years, Hélène Breschand and Wilfried Wendling still explore singular forms with a new project in collaboration with Etienne Klein, research director at CEA. This show uses drawing, video and light in a multimedia system. The show is divided into sensory scenes, approaching a specific scenography, deconstructing space and frontality (around a set made of mirrors, screens, tulle, smoke, entrances and exits in fiction, in the show, an empty stage with only screens, several stages set in the auditorium).
A real USO (Unknown Sound Object), Helène Breschand and Wilfried Wensling’s project is centred around the question on time and invite Etienne Klein to join their eclectic display playing with digital and playful technology.

_Fileuse (Spinner) by Cécile Mont-Reynaud, musical poem Laurence Vielle and Wilfried Wendling.

A new 30-minute solo created by Cécile Mont-Reynaud that marks the first step of a two-part performance called Mue (Slough). Aerial acrobat, graduated in interior design, the artist moves within a circular structure made of thin white threads called “spinners”, on a sound device specifically made by Wilfried Wendling and new texts from poet Laurence Vielle.
La Muse en Circuit co-produces Fileuse.

_Deux hommes jonglaient dans leur tête (Two men were juggling in their mind) by Jérome Thomas and Roland Auzet
Conception / performing: Jérôme Thomas and Roland Auzet, supervised by Mathurin Bolze. Live electronic music: Wilfried Wendling. Conception / crafting of instruments: Robert Hébrard.
“Beneath the fingers of our two object tamers, they come to life, swirl, tintinnabulate, draw musical variation…”

_” ÉLASTICITÉ ” (Elasticity), Installation by Etienne Rey, visual artist, and Wilfried Wendling. Etienne Rey will be welcomed several days within La Muse en Circuit as an artist-in-residence to work on the installation.

_LOKI, not to lose sight of the North
La Muse en Circuit and Prometeo join forces with the Compagnie du Cercle to co-produce “a mythological saga” based on Loki’s story. Abbi Patrix, storyteller, invites Linda Edsjö, percussionist, and Wilfried Wendling to recreate with him the saga of the ambivalent Nordic god, mixing old Norse, singing, electroacoustic music, light and shade effects in order to make a theatre of musical objects, offered in a variety of acts.