Large ensemble made up of some thirty improvisers, the Orchestra of new creations, experimentations and musical improvisations aims to be the strong voice of an atypical new music.

© Delphine Bedel

The ONCEIM consists of the invention of a new collective mode of playing in large ensemble, in a plastic approach of sound where each musician plays an active and creative role. Their music is indeed based on individual virtuosity and the musical vocabulary each one elaborates. It plunges into the challenge of improvising with a large orchestra and is up to it brilliantly. Written and improvised music make up and guide sound experience towards unheard of moments.
Founded and directed by improviser and pianist Frédéric Blondy, the ONCEIM brings together high-quality musicians, members of famous and demanding bands coming from a wide range of style: improvised music (Hubbub, Zoor), jazz (Orchestre National de Jazz, Umlaut Big Band), free jazz (Actuum, The Fish, Die Hochstapler), classical and contemporary music (IRCAM, Orchestre National de France, Ensemble InterContemporain, Le Balcon), popular music (Makhno, Zombie Zombie-Lune d’argent), experimental music (Arnaud Rivière)

Artistic direction: Frédéric Blondy
Administration/production: Eglantine de Boissieu
Artistic committee: Sébastien Beliah, Giani Caserotto, Bertrand Denzler, Rémi Durupt, and Arnaud Rivière
Management: Baptiste Joxe
Sound: Augustin Müller
President: Luc Boltanski
Treasurer: Claude-Marin Herbert
Secretary: Florence Carillon