Applied science

Software development and industrial partnership: the “Musine Kit” project

Made with Sensomusic, the Musine Kit project aims to develop modular software giving immediate access to fifteen or so patches. Each patch offers to play with sounds, to modulate parameters, to create music sequences and to pilot them all through inputs. Musine Kit displays simple graphic representations so users can directly play music without prior learning.
Musine Kit is meant to favour digital musical creation, especially for the National Education, for conservatories, libraries, museums and art galleries etc. The educational content accommodates different age groups and grade levels and enables to consider autonomous musical practices as well as in group, in order to foster collective practices via improvisation.
The Musine Kit project is an upgrade of Sensomusic professional software Usine Hollyhock.
Technically, its strength is to quickly adapt to new computer interfaces (HID) and to the on-going innovations of the industry. Thus it can generate musical gestures from everyday technologies and adapt to their regular renewal. Musine Kit can be controlled with a simple computer keyboard or a mouse and MIDI interfaces, but also with gamepads, OSC networks (especially tablets and smartphones) or more specific interfaces (Leap motin, i-Rig, Wiimote, graphic tablet, video signal, etc.). Future technologies will be quickly integrated into the software in order to facilitate their integration and to develop musical and artistic uses.
This project will be run en partnership with the CFMI (Centre de Formation des Musiciens Intervenants) of Orsay and the Conservatory of Aubervilliers – La Courneuve.

With the support of French Minister of Communication, in the frame of the 2014 call for projects “Innovating cultural digital services (Service numériques culturels innovants)”.