L’Île solaire / The Solar Island

Samuel Sighicelli

From Michel Tournier’s work, Samuel Sighicelli immerses us into the world of a Robinson now alienated from the so-called “civilised world”.

© Ina-René Pichet

© Ina-René Pichet

On this island, for many more years, Robinson braves the elements on his own. The castaway man has to face the elusive passage of time, the loss of speech, of memory until eventually blending in with the island, becoming its consciousness.

We are told a mythical experience. An experience that we all thought about at least once in our life and that might remain as one of the most difficult to fully grasp.

Pianist Wilhem Latchoumia is surrounded by videos (including INA archives, marked by the world Robinson left), sounds, lights, excerpts of the text, screened of read aloud.
Piano breathes life into this environment: gradually the microcosm of the island takes shape, the dreadful, tragic and sometimes laughable experience of this man, led to become even more human than all humans.



Samuel Sighicelli _conception, composition, text adaptation, video creation

Wilhem Latchoumia _piano

David Sighicelli, Elise Caron _voice-over

Nicolas Villenave _scenography and lights

Sabine Sighicelli _photography

Gérard Sighicelli _pictorial works

Michaël Amrouche _photographs


Production / tour:
morgan.ardit@alamuse.com - +33 1 43 78 80 80


- 21 March 2009: Why Note Festival, CDN de Dijon

- 19 and 20 May 2009: Extension Festival, Théâtre Romain Rolland, Villejuif



- 28 November 2009: Les 38èmes Rugissants, Grenoble

- 20 February 2010: Maison des Métallos, Paris

- 5 and 6 March 2010: Biennale Musiques en scène, GRAME, Théâtre des Célestins, Lyon



- 14November 2010: Manca Festival, Théâtre National de Nice

- 16 November 2010: Aujourd’hui Musiques Festival, Théâtre de L’Archipel, Scène Nationale de Perpignan

- 2 February 2011: L’Arsenal, Metz

- 4 May 2011: Arras Théâtre, Scène Conventionnée Théâtre et Musique d’Arras



- 1 October 2013: Théâtre Sorano, Toulouse

- 21 February 2014: Théâtre de la Renaissance, Scène Conventionnée Théâtre et Musique d’Oullins Grand Lyon