Headphone concerts

Merging public event and personal experience. Apparent silent and music. Here everything takes place in the listeners’ mind who, together, individually give in to music with joy and abandon.

© Vincent Hindson

The headphone concerts’ project was initiated in 2007 at La Muse en Circuit, National centre of musical creation by Laurent Sellier, Thierry Balasse and David Jisse.

Headphone Concerts are conceived as an extension of radio art: sound theatre of intimacy, sublime precision of listening, musical dramaturgy.

The comfort of the listener, of the ear, the body, vision, is a key aspect. Headphone concerts are always multiple entries sensorial experiences. Each member of the audience is firstly a listener but he or she can choose his or her position (sitting, lying, standing, changing…) and thus his or her relation to look.

The concert’s venue can be a stage, a church, a museaum or a Garden. Headphone concerts are thus in situ projects whose contents taking into account where it takes place: History, city, architecture, literary work or concepts…

Performances can then have a visual aspect, whether with the musicians playing, the venue and its lighting, photos or videos. But often listeners choose to close their eyes and give free rein their imagination, inspired by sounds.

Sound materials, including texts, can be chosen together with the host venue.

Voice is at the core o Headphone concerts: it can be speeches, songs or simple breathings; sung, spoken or recorded. Words can be from poems, literary works, articles, biographies, urban recordings or sound archives.


1 concert – 4 principles

1 Place
Le concert adapts to you location: Stage, museum, garden, church, monument, urban spaces…

1 Theme
You choose a theme with us: History, city, architecture, literary works, anecdotes, concepts…

1 voice
Sung, told, spoken or recorded.

1 formation
Various artists are invited to make up the Headphone concert.

Concerts’ format
In duo or trio, each concert has an original form: composers, lyric singers, storytellers, comedians and instrumentalists are invited to make up a sound theatre of intimacy.
With Thierry Balasse, David Jisse, Wilfried Wendling, Christian Zanesi, Franck Vigroux, Christian Sébille, Bérangère Maximin, Valérie Philippin, Abbi Patrix…


… for different venues:
Headphone concerts are adapt to very different, sometimes atypical venues:
– Concert halls: Théâtre de Vienne (Vienne), Théâtre de Cornouailles (Quimper), Atelier du Plateau (Paris), foyer de l’Opéra (Lyon)
– Sociocultural establishments: neighbourhood associations (Nantes), town halls’ common rooms (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre), multimedia libraries (Alfortville).
– Museums and galeries: Musée du Dauphiné (Grenoble), MUSEAAV (Nice), Centre national d’art contemporain (Moscou), Salle Aubette (Strasbourg), Musée de la Grande Guerre (Meaux).

… with original themes:
Themes are defined according to the spirit of place:
– History: May 68 (2008, Paris), Resistance (2012, Mende), First World War (2014, Musée de la Grande Guerre, Meaux)
– literary works: texts by Amin Maalouf (2010, Lyon), Rainer Maria Rilke (2013, Strasbourg), Max Jacob (2012, Qimper), François Bon (2009, Alfortville), Georges Pérec (2007, Paris), or youth literature.
– cities: Nice (2010), Moscow (2010), Théâtre de Vienne (2010), Le Kremlin-Bicêtre (2008, Kremlin-Bicêtre)

Morgan Ardit, production / tour manager: 01 43 78 80 80 - morgan.ardit@alamuse.com