La Muse en Circuit, National centre of musical creation is dedicated to all kinds of music opening the field of sound art: new and innovative music, emancipated and daring, either instrumental, electronic or mixt. Music that deals with sound only or explores other artistic territories: literature, theatre, dance, video or plastic arts.

On the production side, La Muse en Circuit has five equipped working spaces welcoming composers in residence, musicians and artists of all disciplines. We offer their projects all the human and technical support they need.

On the diffusion side, La Muse en Circuit offers a season of performances and concerts programmed in partnership with concert halls and theatres. We also run our own record label, Alamuse.

La Muse en Circuit is also concerned with scientific and applied research. We maintain an essential watch on digital technology for tomorrow’s music development.

Last but not least, La Muse en Circuit endeavours to pass on musical knowledge and practice. We lead actions helping all audiences discover and share our music.


La Muse ne Circuit is supported by the Minister of Culture and Communication / DRAC Île-de-France, the Regional Council of Île-de-France, the General Council Val-de-Marne, the town of Alfortville, the city of Paris, the SACEM abd the DAAC of Créteil.
La Muse en Circuit is part of Futurs Composés, a national network of musical creation, as well as Profédim, professional union of independent music producers, festivals, ensembles and promoters.

La Muse en Circuit was founded in 1982 at the instigation of Luc Ferrari (1929 – 2005). At the beginning, it was a studio made for electroacoustic compositions, mainly turned toward radio art and situated in premises in Vanves, in the suburb of Paris. Luc Ferrari’s growing reputation carried La Muse in its wake and soon the place became too small. Thus in 1992 the studio was moved to another town of the suburb of Paris, Alfortville.

In 1999, after a collaboration of almost a quarter of a century with Luc Ferrari, David Jisse takes over as director of La Muse en Circuit. Writer, composer and Radio France producer, it is under his leadership that La Muse opens itself to different kinds of music other than radio art: instrumental and electronic music, made to be performed live (with a new festival named “Extension”, launched in 2001) and recorded (a record label, “Alamuse”, is founded in 2010). It is also under his leadership that La Muse en Circuit enjoys new State patronage, becoming a National centre of musical creation.

In 2013, Wilfried Wendling is appointed as new director, succeeding David Jisse. Composer but also stage director and videographer, he naturally gives even more space to transdisciplinary musical forms.

La Muse en Circuit, National centre of musical creation’s main aim is to support conception and production of new music works.
It’s main missions:

1. To receive in its premises projects of creators and performers, and provide them with all high-level technical and technological equipment and assistance they require.
2. To contribute to their dissemination as productions, coproductions and / or programming (concerts, exhibitions, recordings, editions…)
3. To lead effort to conduct applied research.
4. To pay a special attention on sound art and radio art evolutions as well as new digital broadcast formats.
5. To initiate cultural and educational activities to raise public awareness about new music and contemporary art.
6. To assure the conservation and protection of the sound inheritance.
7. To be active in regional, national and international networks.

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