Les déambulations [Electronico]-acoustiques / [Electronico]-acoustic ambulations

The discovery of new music via new technologies.

prsite_deambTaking place as a day of discovery, [Electronico]-acoustic ambulations offer listeners an exploration at the heart of sound in order to broach today’s musical creation. Within a rotunda, the listener-walker is brought to discover the main characteristics of the sound world surrounding us, to plunge into the machine’s experimentation, and to emerge in the discovery of today’s music.

[Electronico]-acoustic ambulations are an opportunity to foster the discovery of new music by revealing the unheard aspects of sound phenomenon through new technologies. By using microphone in a playful way, by playing with his multiplied and transformed voice, the listener is put at the centre of the creation process.

Ambulations produced since their creation:

19 January 2013 – La semaine du son
MPAA Saint-Germain, Paris

23 May 2012 – Extension festival
Médiathèque Jean Moulin, Villiers-sur-Marne

25 March 2011
Médiathèque Eigène Potiers
, Noisy-le-Grand

22 and 23 October 2010
Médiathèque Lazare Carnot, La Ferté-Alais

12 December 2009
Médiathèque Picpus, Paris

4 October 2008
Médiathèque d’Alfortville

Produced by La Muse en Circuit, National centre of musical creation