Relecture Black Angels – G. Crumb

Quatuor Diotima

The Diotima Quartet plays Malte Giesen, George Crumb and Benjamin Franklin

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Black Angels (1970), by american composer George Crumb (born 1927) is one of those works, which marked contemporary imaginary: breaking the sound purity of the string quartet, Crumb invents an electrified and mixed world while pursuing a secret aim – condemning the Viet Nam War.
Young German composer, from the 2013 “Voix nouvelles” composition session of the Fondation Royaumont, Malte Giesen (born 1988) is just as attentive to the political implication of sounds the of instrumental performances.
The Diotima Quartet will also perform a composition by Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), more famous as a politician, diplomat and inventor (the lightning rod, the kite or bifocal glasses) than as a composer

George Crumb (USA, 1929), Black Angels

Malte Giesen (1988), création

Benjamin Franklin (USA, 1706-1790), Quatuor à trois violons et violoncelle en cordes à vide et scordatura


This concert takes place in the frame of the Voix nouvelles de la musiqe (new voices of music) day.

Inaugurated in 1983 with a concert of the Ensemble InterContemporain playing Boulez and Eötvös, Voix nouvelles had its first full edition the following year. During the successive editions, repertoire and opening to new essential composers (Scelsi, Ohana, Sciarrino, Ives or Crumb…) will balance. Royaumont became a new music hotspot.

Produced by Voix Nouvelles/Fondation Royaumont ; technical realisation, La Muse en Circuit


to 17:30

Abbaye de Royaumont _Salle des Charpentes
95270 Asnières-sur-Oise

Train : gare de Viarmes
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