Deux hommes jonglaient dans leur tête

Roland Auzet, Jérôme Thomas, Wilfried Wendling

One, king of jugglery and major figure in circus arts, juggles with bells of different sizes out of his pocket. The other, composer and virtuoso percussionist having attended circus school, plays on a musical egg.

© Julien Piffaut

Jérôme Thomas and Roland Auzet merge their respective world to create a surprising symphony. In order to imagine this oneiric world and orchestrate their tête-à-tête, they call on Robert Hébrard, brilliant luthier who crafted them curious objects-instruments – globes, spheres and totems – built on the principle of roly-poly toys. Beneath the fingers of our two object tamers, they come to life, swirl, tintinnabulate, draw musical variations…
These two men who juggle in their mind orchestrate a score of a new kind, composed of balls, electro, percussions, drums, bags of M&M’s and other bamboos. As sorcerer’s apprentices they explore the laws of gravity, experiment those of the propagation of waves and thus make up a oneiric world of illusions and sounds. Picture quality mingles with poetry of sounds distilled live by Wilfried Wendling. A musical circus that gives you as much to hear than to listen to.


Roland Auzet et Jérôme Thomas _conception and performing
Under the supervision of _Mathurin Bolze
Wilfried Wendling _live electronic music
Bernard Revel _lights, assisted by Dominique Mercier-Balaz
Robert Hébrard _conception and crafting of instruments

Executive producer: ARMO / Cie Jérôme Thomas
Co-producers: Act Opus, Cie Roland Auzet / Espace des Arts, Scène nationale de Chalon-sur-Saône
Armo, Compagnie Jérôme Thomas is subsidised by the DRAC and the Conseil régional de Bretagne
Act Opus, Cie Roland Auzet is subsidised by the DRAC and the région Rhône-Alpes

Circus art

24_10_14 to 26_10_14
to 21:00

Teatro Astra
Via Rosolino Pilo 6, Turin, Italie

Friday and Saturday 24, 25 October at 9 pm, Sunday 26 October at 6 pm.

10 to 19,00 €