Analog studio

Designed around reference synthesizers (Serge, Korg, EMS, PPG), the analog studio gathers tools that were used in many works that are now part of music History (such as Ring Modulators, made for Henri Pousseur, or the Serge synthesiser, used by Eliane Radigue and Jean-Claude Eloy).

IMG_6773-siteThe studio was thought to offer analogue signal treatment and processing in its totality. It is equipped with wiring, patches and networks enabling the signal to be handled as widely as possible: with an analog mixing console, monitors and quality digital converter. It works with Pro Tools (LE) for storage and mixing.

Technical equipment

SMMS – Serge modular music systems
EMS – Synthi (VCS 3) II
Korg MS 50
PPG Wave 2.0
Yamaha DX 7 ( I & II)
Kurzweil master keyboard – midiboard
Roland TR 808
Roland Midi – CV

Mixing console
Soundcraft 6000 (24 channels)

Yamaha NS10
Urei model 809
Genelec 1031 (on prior request)

Direct to disk
Mac G5 quadcore PPC
Digi002 rack
Pro Tools LE

Apogee Rosetta 800

2 tracks
CD player Denon DN-C630
2 x Revox Pr99

Peripheral devices
2 x Ring modulator (originally made for Henri Pousseur’s studios)
Publison Infernal machine 90
Alesis QuadraVerb
Dyna-mite Stereo compressor
Ashly Dual Chanel Comp/limiter
Ashly Stereo noise gate