Botticelli Studio

Studio dedicated to both composition and multitrack recording. During recording sessions, it works together wit the Cage studio as a control room, and autonomously for mixing and mastering.

IMG_6832-siteEquipped with quality preamplifiers associated with a 5.1 surround sound audio system, it is an ideal facility for music production and experimentation.

Technical equipment

Millenia HV – 3D
Avalon 737 SP
Mixing console: Sonosax SX-T – 16 channels
Mixing console: TL Audio Valve Master – 8 channels

Myteck 8 x 192 ADDA (master clock)
Digidesign 192 (x3)

Mixing console: Yamaha 02R96 V2
Speakers: A2T 4027 (x7) + A2T Sub (x2)
Genelec 1031 (x2)

Direct to disc
Software: Pro Tools 8 HD2
Computer: G5 Quad Intel OS 10.6.8

Peripheral devices
Reverb and mastering: TC 6000 MK II system
Reverb: Yamaha PCM 81

2 Tracks
CD Burner: Tascam CD-RW901
1/4′ tape recorder: Studer A810

Plug In
Pack Waves Diamond 8
Pitch’n Time Pro
Altiverb 7
GRM Tools Evolution
GRM Tools Classic
GRM Tools ST